New Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Yesterday saw the publication of the DfE’s new Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy .

Here the DfE outlines its 4 priorities on how to improve teacher recruitment and how it intends to address the retention crisis.

The 4 priorities are;

Priority 1: create the right climate for leaders to establish supportive school cultures.

Priority 2: transform support for early career teachers.

Priority 3: build a career offer that remains attractive to teachers as their careers and lives develop.

Priority 4: make it easier for great people to become teachers.

For more information on each priority visit the DfE’s website;


Early Career Framework 

Alongside the new strategy, the DfE have published their eagerly awaited Early-Career Framework (ECF).

As outlined in the new strategy, from Autumn 2021, early career teachers undergoing induction will receive 2 years of professional development and support underpinned by the ECF.

The DfE have stated that, for national roll-out in Autumn 2021, they have committed to:

  • funding and guaranteeing 5% off-timetable in the second year of teaching for all early career teachers – early career teachers will continue to have a 10% timetable reduction in their first year of induction
  • creating high quality, freely available ECF curricula and training materials
  • establishing full ECF training programmes
  • funding time for mentors to support early career teachers
  • fully funding mentor training.

Here at the Swindon Teaching School, we fully support the move to improve the early career support of teachers. We have already taken steps towards rolling out an NQT+1 programme and the development of school based mentors.

If you would like more information on how we could support your school in early career development or would like more information on how we can help develop your school based mentors please contact Lee Edmonds: [email protected]