Succession Planning / Talent Management

Broadening Experience (Broadex)

Effective succession planning and talent management is essential for ensuring that a steady supply of future leaders, managers and outstanding classroom practitioners are sourced from within our own workforce.

Broadex is the name given to Swindon’s Broadening Experience programme for aspiring, emerging and established school leaders and high potential practitioners.. It is an umbrella title for a variety of initiatives and activities including internships, secondments, attachments and work shadowing visits. It is essentially a two-part database that enables;

  • schools to register opportunities they are able to offer, such as acting up, shadowing a deputy head or short term cover.
  • teachers to register details of opportunities they are seeking that will broaden their experiences of leadership.

As and when registrations are received, a matchmaking exercise is carried out to put together an opportunity-provider with an opportunity-seeker. This may also include liaison with neighbouring local authorities to widen the geographic reach. By way of example, we regularly receive approaches from our neighbouring shire county authorities seeking our talented, middle and senior leaders for acting up roles.

Increasingly, with the reduction in local authority advisory and consultancy capacity, there is an overlap between Broadex activities and the provision of school to school support. Emerging leaders and expert practitioners can broaden their experience and support neighbouring schools at the same time. See the School to School Support and Specialist Leaders of Education pages on this website.

To register as a Broadex opportunity provider or opportunity seeker please complete and return the registration form below. 
Microsoft Word™ form: Broadex registration form (.doc)
Adobe PDF form: Broadex registration form (.pdf)

Supporting the performance management process

Swindon Teaching School has designed an aide memoire for use by both reviewers and reviewees during the professional development discussions within the performance management process.

The document highlights a wide variety of developmental opportunities appropriate for either of the chosen directions within the career path spectrum, namely, classroom practitioner or organisational leadership.

The aide memoire can be viewed online or downloaded via the following link:

PM aide memoire

Case Studies:
Swindon Succession Planning Project

Ten Swindon schools successfully bid for grant funding to support succession planning projects during the 2012-13 academic year. The projects enabled aspiring and emerging leaders to develop their skills across a wide variety of whole-school leadership areas, including:

  • business administration
  • curriculum management
  • middle leadership development
  • senior leadership
  • project management
  • pre or post Ofsted preparation

Case studies outlining the scope and impact of these projects will be uploaded onto this website early in the 2013-14 academic year.

Succession Planning and Talent Management Alliance Group