Swindon Teaching School

Swindon Teaching School Centre

Swindon Teaching School has responsibility for coordinating, organising and hosting an annual professional development programme for the Swindon school workforce:

  • aspiring, emerging, established and executive leaders
  • experienced, recently qualified and newly qualified teachers
  • teaching assistants, business managers and other support staff

Many of the events on offer take place in the centre itself, with other venues around the town being used for larger or specialist audiences.

Postal address:

Swindon Teaching School
Plymouth Street
Swindon SN1 2LA

Telephone: 01793 818603

Email: cpd@swindonteachingschool.org.uk

Swindon Teaching Schools Directions and Parking

Forthcoming Events

Overview for CPD Events Calendar 2016-17 by Subject

Overview for CPD Events Calendar 2016-17

Overview for CPD Events Calendar 2016-17 EYFS

  • Additional events are scheduled as the academic year progresses and will be publicised to schools by way of:
  • emailing a termly update of the at-a-glance summary
    ad hoc emails and flyers highlighting specific events

The themes and content of these events will be informed by feedback from the front-line, from Swindon Research & Innovation Groups and from the headteacher-led strategy groups working within the Swindon Teaching School alliance.

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